Leadership Team

Rachel Williams


It is a huge privilege to be the foundation Tumuaki of Te Paepae o Aotea. We have been given a unique and exciting opportunity to design a localised curriculum that meets the needs of all of our ākonga based on our eight guiding principles.

Ko pukekiwiriki te maunga
Ko Manukau te awa
Nō Tāmaki Makaurau ahau
Ko Williams tōku whānau
Ko Rachel tōku ingoa

As a foundation team member, I am very excited about the future of education in Hāwera. Developing a localised curriculum will allow learning to become more meaningful and relevant for all of our ākonga.


I taught at Hāwera High School from 2005 – 2022 in the Physical Education Department and later in a Senior Leadership role. My background is in Physical Education/Hauora and I love being involved with our students in their sporting endeavors.

Tēnā koutou katoa
Ko Taranaki tōku maunga
Ko Patea tōku awa
Ko Manutahi tōku kainga
Ko Hurley tōku whānau
Ko Pauline tōku ingoa

Pauline Hurley

Leader of Learning Senior School - Curriculum

Mahaki Akauola

Leader of Learning Senior School - Pastoral

I am a descendant from the East Coast, however reside here in South Taranaki where my wife is from. I have been teaching at Patea Area School for the last five years in various teaching and leadership roles, teaching within the realm of the arts, physical activity and literacy.

As a foundation team member, I look forward to helping create and develop learning pathways within the community, and leading learners in this journey.

Tēna te hunga pānui,
Ko Ahititi te Maunga
Ko Waihirere te Awa
Ko Parihimanihi te Marae
Ko Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki te iwi
Ko Ngāti Wāhia te hāpu
Nō Tonga tōku pāpā, Nā te whanau Poki, Wilson tōku māmā

I taught at Hāwera High School from 2007 holding various teaching and leadership roles. My background is in the Social Science, Commerce and English areas. I see considerable merit in student-led, inquiry-based learning and believe that a strong pastoral care system combined with flexible curriculum design is needed to engage, nurture and enhance educational outcomes for our students.

Being part of the foundation team, I acknowledge that this is a unique and exciting opportunity for our community.

Ko Taranaki te maunga e rū nei taku ngākau
Ko Kaupokonui te awa
Nō Kaponga ahau
E mihi ana ki ngā tohu o nehe, o Te Hāwera e noho nei au
Ko Susan Hopkins tōku ingoa

Susan Hopkins

Leader of Learning Junior School - Pastoral

Kylie Surgenor

Leader of Learning Junior School - Curriculum

South Taranaki born and bred, I started my career at Ramanui School as a Teacher Aide, moving on to Hāwera Intermediate School as a beginning teacher where my career has developed over almost ten years. I am invested in the success of Te Paepae o Aotea. I feel a sense of responsibility to bring the learning experiences and knowledge I have acquired throughout my career and education back to my community, to benefit our ākonga.

As a foundation team member, I am excited for the future of learning in Hāwera. I believe that we have an opportunity to ‘break the mold’ in how we view education.

Ko Taranaki te Maunga
Ko Aotea te Waka
Ko Waingongoro te Awa
Ko Ngāruahine tōku Iwi
Ko Kānihi Umutahi tōku Hapu
Ko Kānihi tōku Marae
Ko Kylie Surgenor tōku ingoa